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  • 18 Feb 2021 3:13 PM
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    Daniel Meyers (Administrator)

    Chaplain & Hillel Director

    The full-time Jewish Chaplain is part of the Interfaith Chaplaincy of The Claremont Colleges and serves the Jewish campus community through outreach, worship opportunities, pastoral counseling, community building and facilitation of other programs, services, and events. The Jewish Chaplain also serves as the Director of Hillel at The Claremont Colleges as the primary professional leader of Hillel and oversees all Hillel activities on behalf of Jewish students. The Jewish Chaplain will provide outreach to the ethnically and culturally diverse constituency of the Jewish community at The Claremont Colleges. As part of the egalitarian Chaplaincy team, the Jewish Chaplain will model mutual respect for diverse faith communities and assist with orientation trainings, collaborative programs and other Chaplaincy events for the seven Claremont Colleges.

    Essential duties include but are not limited to:

    - Jewish Community Support
    * Leadership and/or facilitation of Shabbat, High Holidays, Sukkot, Hanukkah, Purim, Passover, and any other observances and rituals
    * Engage students with formal and informal Jewish education, Shabbat dinners, cultural events, guest speakers, and relevant programs for building Jewish community and educating the campus about Judaism and Jewish culture.
    * Provide pastoral counseling and mentorship to students
    * Initiate and maintain outreach and support to the diverse Jewish community at The Claremont Colleges, including students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the broader community.
    * Convene and advise the Jewish Student Leaders Committee for intra-faith cooperation
    * Advise/provide guidance to all registered Jewish student clubs/groups,
    * Serve as an advocate for Jewish students throughout TCC community
    * Meet regularly, collaborate and supervise Jewish religious affiliates of the McAlister Center
    * Establish connections between students and local and regional Jewish communities
    * Serve as Director of Hillel, including oversight of administration, finance, communications, development, student leadership, alumni/parent outreach, and programming for Hillel
    * Support students to address anti-Semitism and work proactively to nurture a positive campus climate for Jewish students
    - Interfaith and Consortium Support
    * Attend weekly staff meetings, participate on TCCS and campus wide committees
    * Assist in or contribute to the administration of the McAlister Center
    * Develop and routinely report metrics that inform program effectiveness
    * Assist and support students, faculty and staff during campus wide crises
    * Support students in response to discrimination and bias incidents
    * Participate in campus celebrations such as convocations, graduation and Baccalaureate
    * Participate in and celebrate Interfaith and multi-faith engagement
    * Advise/provide guidance to non-Jewish religious student clubs/groups as needed
    * Collaborate with Deans of Students, academic support services and other student facing offices within TCCS and among The Claremont Colleges (TCC)
    * Collaborate with other Chaplains in interreligious programs, community service and social justice outreach
    * Provide engaging trainings for residence hall staff, student peer mentors and participate in invited classroom and seminar presentations

    - Ordained and in good standing with national rabbinic association and/or professionally trained as a Chaplain
    - Master’s degree required, especially in rabbinics, Jewish studies, theology or an equivalent
    - Demonstrated knowledge and experience in principles of leadership development and collaboration
    - Demonstrated experience
    * in innovative, student-oriented program development and coordination
    * in teaching and/or preaching on religious and spiritual development and discernment
    * with college-aged individuals required; experience in higher education preferred
    * in and ability to engage in ecumenical, multi-faith and interfaith work
    * in as well as background and familiarity with the diverse expressions of worship and religious practices
    * in and understanding of residential, liberal arts colleges and graduate institutions
    * and commitment to social justice and diversity
    * and commitment to working in an egalitarian consensus team model
    * with global perspectives rooted in his/her own international travel, residence or study outside of the United States
    - Excellent interpersonal skills, public speaking and effective group facilitation skills
    - Familiarity with best practices for campus-based religious and spiritual life programs and services
    - Demonstrated progressive experience in leadership and administration

    Further, the Consortium seeks a candidate who:
    - Models patience, open-mindedness and understanding; surfaces and resolves concerns in constructive and community-building ways; balances advocacy while maintaining confidentiality; handles difficult situations with sensitivity.
    - Maintains a broad set of solid relationships in the university and beyond.
    - Actively champions the needs and goals of the Consortium and willingly involves stakeholders and others to make decisions in implementing programmatic strategy.
    - Assesses needs and follows-up on the impact of programs and resources; revises plans/programs accordingly and develops new programs.
    - Evaluates and institutes new initiatives to provide new programs, services and communications that integrate the Chaplaincy with other university programs and other aspects of campus life and engage all populations of the university.
    - Seeks input from stakeholders regarding the services provided and works with staff and Chaplains to consistently improve quality and type of service.
    - Creates a transparent communication system through which provision of service is determined and delivered. Develops current and new communications methodologies to outreach to the community; engages groups/advisors in regard to improving services to constituencies.
    - Recognizes when to move ahead independently and when to seek input/advice; collaborates with chaplains, students, staff, faculty, advisory groups and others to develop and implement meaningful programs and services; contributes effectively to university operations and culture.

    About Hillel International
    In 1923, Rabbi Benjamin Frankel started Hillel with humble means, a noble mission and a breathtaking vision: to convey Jewish civilization to a new generation. Today, Hillel International continues to enrich the lives of Jewish students and is the largest Jewish campus organization in the world at more than 550 colleges and universities across North America and around the world. As Hillel evolves as an organization, the mission remains steadfast: to create lasting connections with every Jewish student that fosters an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel and trains them to become the next Jewish leaders.

    Hillel at the Claremont Colleges is affiliated with Hillel International. Hillel International enriches the lives of Jewish students so they may enrich the Jewish people and the world and envisions a world where every student is inspired to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel.

    Hillel is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to creating an accepting and inclusive environment for all.

    Please apply through the following website: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxx_Careers/job/Claremont/TCCS-Chaplain---Rabbi_REQ-2838

    Application Instructions

    Applicants apply directly to Employer.

    Please apply through the following website:

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