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  • 11 Jan 2021 12:30 PM
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    Hampshire College, an independent, innovative liberal arts institution and member of the Five College consortium, is accepting applications for an advisor for identity and praxis in the spiritual life office.

    The advisor for identity and praxis is responsible for creating and promoting opportunities for campus conversations on the intersection of spirituality and social justice. This position supports students, staff, and faculty who search for meaning and purpose within, across, and outside multiple traditions and help them navigate their identity and beliefs within larger political realities.

    This position also oversees Jewish life on campus, including planning and leading Jewish holidays, supporting Jewish students to plan cultural and religious events, and actively building a vibrant and inclusive Jewish campus community. The advisor for identity and praxis provides education and programming to enrich moral and ethical dialogues related to cultural & religious identity, intersectionality, and social justice, as well as address the practice of religious identity in a secular context and find meaning, purpose, and wellness. The advisor will support all students, faculty, and staff regardless of their religious commitments, by providing high quality, timely, and confidential spiritual care and counseling, and provide leadership for services, ritual ceremonies, and religious observances during the academic year, including, but not limited to, Shabbat, High Holidays, vigils, etc. They will advise student groups where cultural, spiritual, secular, and political identities entwine, including the Jewish Student Union.  The advisor for identity and praxis will manage Kosher Kitchen and administrative duties of the spiritual life office.

    For the full job description and information to apply, click the link.

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