National Association of College
and University Chaplains

A multifaith professional community supporting spiritual and ethical life in higher education


  1. Annual Conference. There shall be an Annual Conference of the Membership of the Association.

  2. Business Meeting. There shall be at least one Business Meeting at the Annual Conference, at which the Membership of the Association shall nominate and elect officers of the Association and Directors. The Executive committee shall determine the procedure for nominations and elections.

  3. Notice of Meetings. The Executive Committee must provide the Members with 30 days advance notice of any Annual or Special meetings.

  4. Regional Meetings. In addition to the Annual Conference, there may be held such regional meetings as are deemed desirable by the Executive Committee for the purposes of the Association. Regional Meetings of the Members shall only have the power to set forth proposals for action at the Annual Conference of the Association.

  5. Conduct of Business. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of business at all meetings of the Association.

  6. Quorum. A quorum at an Annual Conference shall consist of one half of the voting Membership who are in attendance at the Meeting.

  7. Calling Meetings of Membership. As presented in Article II, Section (1)(a) of the Bylaws, the President of the Association shall have the power to call Annual Conferences, Special Meetings, and Regional Meetings of the Executive Committee and the Members. Any other two voting Directors of the Executive Committee may also call such meetings.

  8. Calling Meetings of Executive Committee. The President of the Association or any other two Directors may call meetings of the Executive Committee. Directors must be provided with two weeks’ advance notice of any meeting.

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